Statistics of the world - IQs by ethnic groups

IQs by ethnic groups.

Average adult IQ per nations or ethnic groups:


1.Source:Richard Lynn

Nation and race:

Netherlands: 107.   Lynn:  The IQ League

Germany: 107.   Lynn:  The IQ League

Hong Kong: 106.7 = 107.  Lynn:  IQ and the Wealth of Nations

Ashkenazi Jews in US and UK: 107.5. The most valid and representative testing so far has shown that Ashkenazi jews have an average IQ of approximately 107, using a study that tested around 1300 diasporic jews in the US and the UK. All other proceeding this study had less than hundred test-persons .

South Korea 106

Japan 105

Ashkenazi jews in Israel: 103.  Estimates from the book:  IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

China (PRC): 100  IQ and the Wealth of Nations - Shanghai 106

Indians in UK: 96. These includes both the two large ethnic groups in India: Dravidians and Indo-Aryans. There are probably a differents between these two ethnic groups when it comes to average IQ. South-Indian Dravidians had an average per capita income at 13629 Indian Rupees and North-Indian Aryans had per capita income at 8433 Indian Rupees in 2004 (Business Today. January 2005). The majority of the many Indians with success in USA comes from South-India.

* Note: Eventhough Indians have an lower average IQ than chinese people; There are a larger percentages Indians who have an IQ above 140 than chinese people.

Turkey: 90

Blacks in USA: 85
The same result has been found in Seligman`s studies.

Blacks in Caribbean: 71

Africans from south of Sahara: 70

* Note: IQ and the Wealth of Nations-table includes the nations immigrantspopulation, while The IQ league-table is mostly an overview over the countries white population.

2. Source: Vinko Buj

Country - countries

Netherlands. Amsterdam 109.4

Germany. Hamburg 109.3

Norway. Oslo 101.8

Bulgaria. Sofia 96.3

3. Source: Herrnstein and Murray

Chinese and Japanese in USA: 97-98

4. Source: James R. Flynn

Whites in Minnesota (mainly german and norwegian ancestry): 105

Whites in USA: 100.

5. Source: Manfred Prenzel. PISA 2003.

Mathematical Competence.

Whites in New Zealand 109

Flanders 108. Dutch-speaking part of Belgium

Alberta in Canada 107

Netherlands: 106

German Swiss 106

South Korea 106

German-speaking part of Italy - Italian South Tyrol 105

Japan 105

Germany: 100

Source for this article have also been Wikipedia.


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